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Security Solutions

Security Solutions

SSC specializes in providing internetworking security solutions which include: PKI, Firewall, VPN, RSA Token, Local Area Network (LAN) & Wide Area Network (WAN) implementation, Intranet and Internet solutions, Windows NT Server, Firewalls and Microsoft Exchange. SSC will help your organization implement a successful network design. Our certified system engineers will assist you in designing the plan, implementing the process, provide proper training with our ongoing maintenance and support. We will administer training to all the designated people so they will become familiar with how to work within a network environment. We have plenty of knowledge and skill when implementing LAN/WAN.

Without controversy, security is one of the most important areas of an organizations IT structure. Security must be taken into consideration in every aspect but with respect and balance to income-generating activities. A productive means of establishing such a balance is to understand the priorities that exists for an organization within the security area as it pertains to industry standards and best practice analysis.

Strategic Solutions Consulting, Inc. provides the following security services to name a few:

  • Penetration Testing
  • Evaluation & Analysis of Policies & Procedures
  • Evaluation & Analysis of the Infrastructure
  • Evaluation & Analysis of Physical Security
  • Design & Implementation of Security Solutions
  • Managed Security Solutions and Services
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