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RADAR is the acronym for Radio Airplay Detection Authentication and Reporting. This software allows for tracking of multiple genres and multiple markets for radio, retail, venues and is network ready for multiple users. Unlike others, RADAR is not just a contact database application. RADAR is an extremely flexible software package allowing for customization and tailoring to an organizations specific need. Better than just stating, here is a summary of RADAR's functionality and some screen shots.

  • Track multiple markets, genres, retailers, radio stations, etc. All from one Screen
  • Assign multiple trackers to different markets, genres, radio stations, retailers, etc.
  • Assign "Best time to track"
  • Track user productivity via call tracking and logging
  • Network ready, allows for multiple users
  • Print mailing labels
  • View and print demographic information by selected market
  • Perform direct emailing from RADAR
  • Associate different entities (radio stations with retailers, radio stations with clubs, etc.)
  • Map out entities (radio stations, retailers, etc.)
  • Drilled down from a Map view into markets
  • Includes a standardized catalogue, play list, and contact list reports
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